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For years, I was in denial about the negative impacts that my abortion had on my life. Twenty years ago, I was fifteen years old and though I planned to wait until marriage to have sex, I decided to have sex with my boyfriend. When I became pregnant, my boyfriend informed me that he was not ready to become a father and told me to get an abortion. I was devastated, rejected, and alone with only a couple of options. Rather than face the shame of telling my parents and family about my pregnancy and my fears of being a single mother, I did what in my mind was unthinkable and had an abortion. Immediately upon waking from anesthesia, I felt a sense of deep despair-my baby was dead and I had participated in it. Years later, after many broken relationships, bouts with alcohol abuse, anxiety and depression, I found myself in a Post Abortion Recovery Group at Option 1. In that group, and with the Lord’s help, I finally found peace and forgiveness surrounding that decision that I made so long ago. The pain of abortion is something that no person should have to endure. At Option 1, I experienced a loving and supporting atmosphere-the professionals there really just wanted to help meet my needs and provide a safe place for me to finally begin to heal. I would absolutely recommend Option1 to anyone who has suffered an abortion or who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. 

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I was given a brochure about Option 1 from my neighbor; I threw it into a drawer because I wasn’t a scared, young girl. Later, I needed prenatal classes, so I remembered the brochure, God had a plan. I called Option 1 and I spoke with a volunteer about help with pre-natal care and a doula. The wonderful volunteer, who answered the phone that day, became one of my dearest friends and honorary grandmother to my beautiful daughter, who is now 4. Since my daughter was three months old, I have been volunteering at Option 1-all because of one brochure that God put in my hand. I donated all of Ella’s baby items, until she was 2, to Option 1 to help others. Because of Option 1 and the Christian counselor here, the father of Ella is now my husband and we are happily married. We had a rocky start, but God was faithful in helping us learn to communicate and let go of the past and old baggage from our previous lives. We have since started helping another couple here at Option 1. God can take a mess and turn it into a beautiful message of hope. No matter what age you are, Option 1 can help you learn how to be the best parent that you can be.


In the beginning of my journey the obvious choice was to have my child be adopted. Coming from a family that is as traditional as can be, school was the most important thing and what I was to be focused on. I continued on the adoption track until I was six and a half months into my pregnancy. I finally had a meltdown and told my mother that I had been forcing my feelings down and that I wanted nothing more than to keep my daughter. I had this overwhelming feeling that she was meant to be in my life. Once I started going to Option 1, each one of the volunteers just became part of my schedule and life. Everyone there is so amazingly kind and dedicated to helping women that are struggling like me. Abortion was an option for me but I chose not to go down that path. I used to hate waking up in the morning... now I wake up and I get to wake up to a smiling face every morning. It never fails, she will always smile and it will always pick me up.

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